of  the
Mystery  of  Mars  is  at  Hand.
The  Book  that  will  Rock  the  World  is  Coming.

Frame No. 11 Mariner 4

Could it be that our Mars probes have been more wildly successful than we even thought?  Researcher Emil Sotnyk's unique interpretation of space craft data in The Many Faces of Mars presents the grandest proof yet that we are not alone and never have been.  This is not another book about the Face on Mars but rather the discovery of an extraterrestrial art form, henceforth known as planeterra-art.  He presents astounding evidence that the entire planet has been artistically terraformed.  This revolutionary work allows us for the first time to peer into the thought processes of an alien world by way of its massive art works.  The image on the left above is frame number eleven from the Mariner 4 Mars probe in 1965.  Scientists described it as merely a heavily cratered surface.  The image on the right is the author's interpretation of the same data.  Cratered surface or crater art?     


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